Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunday Afternoon With the Girls

Spent this afternoon up at The Whole Nine Yarns attending their annual Breast Cancer Awareness Event. Having had this horrible disease affect several people very close to me, I probably paid a little more attention to it this year than I did in years past. You made a small donation to get in, and then spent the aftenoon knitting wristbands for walkers to wear during the area Breast Cancer Walk on October 12-14.

So I went to knit. I knitted for Debbie B. and Joan and Andy and my friend Phyllis at church. I knitted for Vicky's dear friend Lorene who lost her battle and left such a hole in Vicky's life because she misses her so much. I knitted for all of my friends who'd had a scare, and with each stitch I knitted, I said a prayer that maybe none of us would ever have to have a scare again.

And I knitted with some very nice women:You can see the wristbands we knitted and crocheted on top of the water bottles on the table. Our group won a prize for having 10 knitted and crocheted the fastest (much to the dismay of the teenagers across the room -- age and treachery will overcome youth and skill any day). We won all sorts of door prizes for all kinds of fun things... I don't think anyone walked away empty handed.

Debi the store owner made the whole thing happen:And last, but certainly not least, Jenn the wonder organizer, dare I say "organized" the whole thing by getting donations of pink yarn and coming up with games and activities and silent auction items.I told Jenn I had to put her picture on the blog so you could all see who had made my life so exhausting interesting for the past month or two. :) Actually we're coming down to the wire on the craft room. I'm hoping to post pictures of the finished product soon.

Update: Heard from Jenn and the afternoon raised over $1500!!! Can knitters raise money or what! How fabulous is that!!!!!


TeresaB said...

Sounds like you had fun and for a great cause. So, that's Jenn...she looks nice enough.