Monday, September 17, 2007

Dude, what happened to your dog?

A couple of Saturdays ago, we went up to Woodstock to The Whole Nine Yarns after doing some shopping. Usually when we come in, Richard is carrying Oscar, like this:
So, nobody thought there was anything unusual when we walked in the store. Except when Debi turned around, did a double take, and said "What happened to your dog?" Because Richard looked like this:
That's a large stuffed dragon. It's a (late) birthday present for our niece Rachael, who I'm fairly confident is not reading this blog. She's 13 this year... that nether age between little girl and little woman, and she likes dragons. This kewl one was available at the book store next to the yarn shop. At any rate, we're shipping it off tomorrow. Do you know how difficult it is to find a box big enough to ship a large stuffed dragon????


Heather said...

Glad you got her the awesome dragon!!!

Now you know what HRL's Halloween costume should be... =)

Anonymous said...

And Rach loved it. Arrived yesterday. Many thanks. She'll be writing soon.