Sunday, July 15, 2007

A New Hope

A wonderful weekend with my friends... lots of laughter and food... no pictures, I'm afraid on my part. Lots of other people were taking them, so I'm hoping I can sneak one onto here when I can snag one. We did our annual ornament kit exchange from last year's Just Cross Stitch Ornament issue, and I have lots of kits to work on. :)

When we last left my spinning efforts, I was, at best, in the remedial class. My wheel was spinning too fast, and I couldn't get the speed cranked down enough for a beginner like me to be able to handle it. There is some speculation among folks that I've talked with that there's a defect with my current wheel, so I'm going to take that up with the folks from whom I purchased it.

My hubby, aware of the horrible pun he was about to make, suggested that I look for a "training wheel". On Friday, I got a goodie courtesy of UPS and my new friend Bob of Winderwood Farm. Above you see an Ashford Kiwi, and I'm happy to report that Richard assembled it for me today while we were watching the race, and the purple stuff you see coming out of the front is some roving I've already been spinning into some crude, hideously overspun yarn. I'll be taking the wheel to my spinning class tomorrow night. I'm very excited at the potential of being able to do this right! I can't say enough good things about the great customer service Bob gave me through his Ebay store, so please check it out when you get a chance through the link provided above (this is not a paid commercial, just a very satisfied customer!).

Not much either knitting or stitching this weekend, altho I did start an ornament from the 2005 ornament issue and a pair of Jaywalkers for my friend Judy (who bought the yarn during a run to the Whole Nine Yarns on Friday morning).

This week will be busy with work, and on Monday night I'll be staying with my friend Andy who is having a lumpectomy for breast cancer. The prognosis is very good, and we feel blessed, but it's just another reminder for all us girls to keep a check.


Heather said...

Kewl!! You actually spun some yarn! I'm so impressed. Good luck with your spinning class; can't wait to hear about your progress with the "training wheel" (LOL!)