Friday, July 20, 2007

Happy Birthday to Our Boy!!!

Oscar Worf, His Royal Lowness, is 14 years old today! Seems only yesterday that he was a little 3 month old pup that was an impulse purchase from a pet store (never go by one when you're having a bad day, and yes, we know all about buying dogs from pet stores now, but we consider him our own little rescue). He is the love of our life, and we hope he's with us for years to come as long as he's healthy and happy. We like to say he's in touch with his inner puppy.

So we'll be treating him to a meal spiked with Grandma's roast beef and a trip to PetSmart, where the smells are oh-so-interesting. And then we'll come home where he'll curl up next to me, right where I want him to be, and he'll "hold" my pattern while I stitch or knit. He's very, very good at that.

So please join me in wishing a happy birthday to our little man! We love you Oscar, and we can't imagine a day without you.


Heather said...

Happy birthday, HRL!!!

TeresaB said...

Happy B'day our great HRL!!!