Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I'm Angry

It hasn't been the best tax season. Software issues have been a real problem. There's some other difficulties with the business. Family issues have piled on top of that.

And then this morning, I discover some low life has spammed my blog.

Her name, among what looked to be the Chinese characters, was "Karen". And she began her comments with "How Cool!" or "How Creative!" before launching into a barrage of what again appeared to be Chinese characters, clearly punctuated by a few words in English that I won't repeat here for fear of more spambots picking them up, and not for a good reason. It was ugly. I'm not a prude, but it's not the type of thing I generally want associated with anything I'm publishing.

What was particularly painful was that the spam hit the post I made when Oscar passed to the Bridge, and the comment began "That's Cool!" Yeah, I know it was something automated or someone who obviously didn't care and would just sit there and type in the code I thought you had to enter to prevent things like this from happening. No, it wasn't "Cool". It still hurts like hell, right to this day.

I've gone through and deleted the comment on all the posts the spammer hit. I didn't want to chance that anyone who reads my blog might come across them.

I've had to turn on comment moderation. I apologize for the hassle it may cause some of you, but I just can't allow this to happen again. And I'm disappointed, because I always enjoyed getting a note in my email letting me see your comments without having to go to the blog to view them. That's over. All because somebody has nothing better to do than spread filth through the internet.

No, I'm not stupid or naive. I know it happens. It just sucks that it happened to me.


Caroline said...

What a shame that this happened to you AND on such a very sensitive issue as your little Oscar. Thinking of you today....tomorrow will be a better day. Can you believe that people have nothing better to do than that kind of stuff? Just awful!

Love and hugs,
Caroline & Cookie

Ria said...

That so totally sucks!! {{{hugs}}} (picturing ghost doxies ripping achilles tendons out)

Jackie said...

Even with comment moderation, I still get the spammer comments every now and then. It's sad that we're given proof every day that there are people out there who are total creeps.

Chrisknits said...

Sorry this happened. I was getting spammed, but thankfully not lewd messages. Just robot ones. Hope the pain of the experience passes. Go pet that pup, I am sure it will help.

cliff said...

I had the exact same problem! I woke up one morning to discover more than thirty comments on various blog posts, all from the same person and all with the same structure as you mentioned. I deleted 'em all, turned on moderation/approval, and have gotten thus been able to block four more attempts to similarly spam my blog. I have now adjusted my settings so that I have to approve every comment before it can be seen; it's the only way to stop such spamming. The simple captcha verification didn't slow down the miscreants in the least!

woolwoman said...

Missed wishing happy happy to the little Penster! Hope her day was full of extra treats.

Sucks you had to turn on moderation - hope I don't have to resort to that - guess it is only a matter of time since some of your other commenters say they've had this happen too. Thanks for alerting us on that. Mel

Anonymous said...

Ugh. Some people suck. :(

Anonymous said...

What a sad, stupid, crazy thing to have happen Jean!
I am sorry!
Why would anyone want to do this? Call me naive, but I don't get the point other then to totally ruin someone's day.

Some people need to get a better hobby.

Bonnie said...

Yeah, I got one too. Something like "very creative blog" with characters after. I haven't turned on moderation yet, but got the first canned meat ever to my account right after it so I'm considering it. :-(

Love your new look BTW!