Friday, August 7, 2009

The Drama Queen Update

It was bath day for the Drama Queen. Took her in 9 ish this morning. The cheerful folks at Dr. Weaver's, no doubt not having heard about the events of Wednesday, said it would only take a couple of hours and they'd call when she was ready.

At 11 I called to see how she was doing and how many people she'd bitten. Oh, she's fine, they said. Just a little squirmy, but she's giving us kisses. We'll call you when she's ready.

What? Giving us kisses? Excuse me? What happened to little miss "Oh you're touching me I think I'm going to die!" that appeared a mere two days ago?

At 1 I started getting a little antsy and called again to discover she was just finishing up her spa visit, so I jumped in the Hummer and drove up to get her. They brought her out complete with little pink gingham bandanna around her neck.

Little snot ignored me. Pretended she didn't even know who I was. Didn't want to leave the tech. I was crushed.

Got her in the car and headed for Chick-Fil-A, where the Magic Window produced a box of nuggets that we took home. She inhaled them and has been sleeping off her experience for the rest of the afternoon.

Silly dog.


Chrisknits said...

Too funny. Our dog loves to go to the groomer. And when we left him for 2 weeks while we went on vacation, he too ignored us when we got back. He preferred to stay with his new girlfriend!

Ariel said...

Fickle baby!!! LOLOLOLOL

Anonymous said...

silly girl!!

Ria said...

That's just too funny!!

I guess the show was for you?

I wanna see a pic of her in her little bandana!

Jackie said...

Sounds like Princess is the appropriate name for your little Diva! I think she is starting to figure out that she is not entirely a dog! :)

Sue said...

Puppies can be a little unpredictable.

Sue said...

Puppies can be a little unpredictable.