Saturday, June 23, 2007

Specifically for The Magic That Is Heather....

Yes, I've bought this much sock yarn in the past two weeks. Did I mention that I've been under a wee bit of stress?? Well, ok, the orange skein and one light blue skein came from another binge when The Whole Nine Yarns was having a sale (ask Teresa about the amazing talking skein of sock yarn), but otherwise, that's pretty much it.

And the sad part is, I'm not through... Went on a bit of a binge at The Loopy Ewe a couple of nights ago that should be coming in soon. I'm not affiliated, but geez, Sheri's got some very kewl sock yarn there!!! Plus the Stitchkeepers are just magic for double points.

So the next time anyone's husband/mother/family complains about them having too much stash, I'm a living example you can point to.... and they'll realize you're not all that bad after all. :)


Dipsy Doodle said...

Awww - nothing is better than a bit of retail therapy at times, isn't it? ;) You sure got some real goodies there - I can't wait to see how all these skeins look knitted up! Happy Knitting!

Dipsy D.

Judy said...

Absolutely yummy colors... have no one to knit for? I know someone that appreciates it highly :)xobiql

Heather said...

Ooooo, my own personal blog post!!

All that Fixation! Let me know if you need patterns for it...I've got a few hanging around. And if you have leftovers of any color, one of the patterns is an entrelac pattern, so I'll take scraps. =) Thanks for the picture; I loved seeing it! They're all gorgeous (except for the orange ones, of course ;). I need some of those StitchKeepers; let me know next time you place an order!

TeresaB said...

Wow, Jean, I had no idea when you said you'd bought a lot of sock yarn you meant you bought A LOT of sock yarn. I'm mighty proud! Now, to have fun finding pattern to use for them all. (BTW, dipsy doodle has a really cool one on her site, I'm thinking of using for the yarn you sent me.)